Legal Notice

Email address : info[at]

This email is the address to which third party rights' (such as Copyrights, Trademarks) infringement notices may sent.

Any user or a company claiming his/her Intellectual Property right has been infringed, may write to this email address and demand the removal of the infringing content .

Steps that one should take for activating this process :

1. Stating your personal details and contact information.

2. A short explanation why the content within BuzzShow is violating any rights.

3. Any other relevant details about the content and or the company.

BuzzShow's commitment:

BuzzShow is committed to have a designated "public complaints commissioner" (PCC) - which is to be the recipient of any complaints that will be sent to the email address above.

Our PCC will review these emails and make a decision in respect to the justifiability of the Notice, so BuzzShow will be able to fulfill its obligation to remove any infringing material within a time-frame of 3 business days after infringing notice was given to the website ( with the email address above).