Frequently Asked Questions

What is BuzzShow?

BuzzShow is a reward based social video network .  Add cool new video clips to your video channel and watch their value go up in price as more people view the video on the Web.

What are badges?

Badges are rewards you get for certain actions on BuzzShow. For example, you can earn the Rookie Buyer Badge the first time you add a clip to your channel.  You will earn the Junior Buyer Badge when you add the 20th clip to your channel, and so on.  When you earn badges you also earn more Goldies!

Why are some things locked for me?

Because you have to earn them! As you rise in level, more and more features will be unlocked.

How do I increase my level?

Increase your level in BuzzShow by earning Experience Points (XP).

How do I reach to new levels ?

You can reach new levels  by adding videos to your channel, watching other channels, adding friends, inviting friends, logging in daily, introducing a clip, recommend a clip, gifting a clip, receiving a gift, inviting a buddy, earning badges and sharing your clips on Facebook or Twitter.

How do I view my position in periodic Goldies give away round?

RankingsIn your user information area where your  Level and badges are displayed, simply hover over "Ranking".  You will see your current ranking for all the weekly and monthly give away  rounds your channel is entered in as well as your current score.

You can also go to the “HOME” tab. Under “WEEKLY RANKING” you will see your current position in the weekly rank. Under “MONTHLY RANKING” you can see your current monthly ranking.  Under the “HALL OF FAME” tab you can see what position you placed and your score in the previous rounds. Current rankings can also been seen on the "CHANNELS" tab under "Channel Ranking".

How is the score in the give a way rounds calculated?

The score in the give away rounds is your total profit during the start of the round, until it ends. Total profit includes profit of videos currently in your channel, as well as any profit you "locked" when you sold a clip.

How do I know if I won a round?

If you won a round you will be notified in your BuzzShow notification area and by email. You can also check if you won by viewing the “HALL OF FAME” on the “HOME” tab.

How are the video clips priced?

Video clips are priced based on our unique algorithm, taking into account how popular the video clip is on both BuzzShow and the original network (like YouTube) it came from.  The price is based on the views per day and compared to all other clips on BuzzShow. As video clips are viewed more or less each day, they will go up or down in price.  We don't want to give too much away but can tell you the more of your friends that own a video clip and watch a video clip on BuzzShow, the higher the clip will go up in value! The videos are priced in the BuzzShow crypto currency Tokens "Goldies".

What are Goldies?

Goldies are BuzzShow's crypto currency Tokens.  You use Goldies to add video clips to your channel,  You earn Goldies when create content, curate content, view content, you earn badges, increase levels, invite friends or you can purchase Goldies in Buzzshow or in third party exchanges where ever they become available.

What is the service fee I see when buying  clips?

When you buy clips you will notice you are charged a 10% service fee. This fee is for all the hard work our wonderful programmers and BuzzShow staff do! Without the service fee the BuzzShow platform could not be possible.

How can I get more Goldies?

Goldies TabTo get more Goldies you can

  • Buy more Goldies with PayPal or your Credit Card. Simply click on the gold “My Goldies” tab next to your "My Channel" tab.
  • Share, Share, Share, each time you share a clip or channel on FB, Twitter or anyway else you get additional goldies.
  • Refer friends!  You can get more Goldies by telling your friends about BuzzShow and getting them to sign up! Simply click “Invite a friend to register” and follow the steps.
  • Win the Weekly or Monthly Give away Round! The top 20 channels in the Weekly Round will win Goldies, with the grand prize being 2,500 Goldies! The Monthly Game Round grand prize is 10,000 Goldies!

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

If you need help, found a bug, have a suggestion, or just want to leave feedback, you can contact us. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible!